robin hoffman

Robin Hoffman

Chief Marketing Services Officer / Senior Marketing Consultant


"Marketing is not done in the Creative Services Department alone. To be successful, every company employee must play a role and execute the strategy everyday at every touch point across all platforms."



Robin Hoffman is the Chief Marketing Services Officer and Senior Marketing Consultant for AR&D, the premier local media strategy company.  As an industry visionary, she works with media companies to finalize their brand strategies and then create innovative and dynamic marketing campaigns across all platforms.


Marketing, Brand and Journalism Expert


"Marketing is not done in the Creative Services Department alone.  To be successful, every company employee must play a role and execute the strategy everyday at every touch point across all platforms."


Robin has more than 18 years of experience in the journalism industry working in markets such as Denver, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Norfolk, VA and Toledo, OH.  She has worked as a Creative Services Director, Senior Executive Producer, Producer and Reporter and Assignment Editor.


As a former station leader in both the newsroom and creative services, Robin brings a unique understanding of both departments.  She truly understands how both departments work together and interact with consumers.


Using non-traditional marketing techniques while effectively integrating social media, including increasing social reach and social search, are the best ways to further a company's brand position across all platforms. Traditional marketing no longer has the influence it once did and in a sea of brands, marketing mediums (including social media) and messages, it's no surprise local media companies are cutting back on marketing budgets and personnel.  But that's the wrong direction to go.  Non-traditional marketing and one-to-one marketing will be the keys to getting messages to the consumer.  Are traditional marketing mediums still valuable? Of course!  But for most stations, "push marketing" can no longer be the main marketing tool and for those who are already interacting with the customers on social media, it's simply not enough. 


The most successful local media companies will:


  • Embrace non-traditional marketing and one-to-one marketing.
  • Re-evaluate and update their brand strategy, which must include content creation and marketing efforts for every department.
  • Examine every available touch point to ensure brand alignment.
  • Develop the entire station as one-to-one marketers and content distributors.
  • Find their best social media advocates and use them to create social station champions.
  • Create content without "push marketing" messages while ensuring the content is on brand.


Social Media Expert


Local media companies across the country know they need to use social media in their content plans, but in this constantly changing medium, it can be difficult to do effectively.  Diverse content creation means nothing without targeted and innovative social media marketing; and both mean nothing without the right analytics to evaluate the strategy and ROI.  Here's the good news - AR&D's #TheSocialStrategy can get you results. We'll use traditional and non-traditional marketing ideas to help you develop a strategy that will work right now, across all platforms that each person in the company can execute.  Then, we'll help you develop a process that you can implement each time a new social media site gains popularity.


Advocate and Partner


"The time to transform the broadcast industry is now.  It is not something that can be done slowly, over time."


 Robin deeply believes the success of a broadcast entity relies on the team's ability to execute strategy quickly and at all department levels.


She is a self-described "cheerleader" who is a strong partner and advocate for clients.  She believes a good partner is one who walks alongside you in the process, assisting in each step of the way.


Process Change Leader


"To become successful in today's broadcast world, stations must evaluate and re-align their work-flow process to meet the needs of their consumers. This new process should always be formed using the voice of the customer as the starting point."


Changing processes and outputs is challenging so it's vital to have someone who has innovative techniques to guide the process.  Robin has earned her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in Business Process Management.  She is also trained in Hoshin Kanri and Kaizen Blitz.  These highly specialized skills help to establish effective processes that eliminate errors and increase productivity.




Robin loves living in Colorado just north of Denver and waking up everyday to a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  However, she's proud to be from Pittsburgh and claims to be the biggest Steeler fan living in Colorado.


She and her husband Eric spend their spare time chasing around after their two wonderful and energetic kids, Caden and Grace.


You can reach Robin at or 303-349-0498.