Panoramic Branding™

Panoramic BrandingTM provides the tools and the process to identify a winning brand, put it in place, grow it, and maintain it as a winner. Learn how to put Panoramic Branding to work for you.

Before you know where you’re going, you need to know where you are. The Panoramic Branding™ process isn’t a one size fits all. It’s customized to your competitive challenge.

For more than 20 years, AR&D has studied market dynamics. The blowtorch stations, the up-and-comers, the down-and-outers, and everything in between. Our station brand analysis breaks TV stations into one of four categories.

  • Leader: Viewers can articulate why the station is different and better. And many viewers have a bulletproof emotional connection with the anchors and the station. Eighteen percent of TV stations are “leaders.”
  • Up-and-Comer: They have momentum and have gotten in the game. However, the station isn’t as far along in the branding equation to create points of difference valuable to people that drive viewership. But they’ve gotten into the game. They’ve pinpointed image attributes which resonate with people that grow audience. Fourteen percent (14%) of stations are “up-and-comers.”
  • Idler: The station is in neutral, standing still. Fifty-two percent (52%) of stations are Idlers. There’s no uniqueness, no reason why viewers should watch that station over another. Their ability to execute strategy is negligible.
  • Struggler: The station that can’t get its act together. This station is unable to find its way and is focused almost exclusively on basic operational issues. Management lacks even a notion of the path to build a brand. Sixteen percent (16%) of stations are Strugglers. Focus is often reactive than a clear sense of vision.

It's great if you're a leader, but staying on top is hard. And if you’re not leading the pack, you need to know how to move up. The perfect solution is AR&D's Panoramic Branding™.

It’s an innovative process, an intensive research-based look at the audience. It includes the development of a brand of journalism and the installation and monitoring of the brand through nine steps of research, product development, and brand implementation.

Panoramic Branding™ Process

Strategic Development 1. Conduct Brand Assessment Audit Development
2. Identify a winning brand
Product Development 3. Develop components of the brand
4. Test brand concepts
Tactical Implementation 5. Implement the brand
6. Constant improvement and innovation
Recalibration of the Brand 7. Evaluate the status of the brand
8. Sustain the brand's competitive advantages
9. Re-innovate the brand

AR&D’s Brand Development Team leads the station’s efforts at brand-building at every stage — from identifying the strongest opportunity for growth to concept development to product development and marketing concepts. And that’s followed by constant monitoring of talent, presentation, and content.

Contact us so we can show you how Panoramic Branding™ can create and sustain a winning brand for your station.