AR&D Panoramic Brand Beliefs


  1. A brand is a belief about a product that drives loyalty.
  2. The motivation comes from the belief that the product is more valuable.
  3. Brands have unique qualities and meaningful characteristics that are exclusive to their product.
  4. It's where the station's (better and different) "promise" meets viewer anticipation. It's where promise meets payoff.
  5. You must stand out, concentrate on one or two big ideas, and have the courage to be different.
  6. Our "Fundamental Belief" is the brand IS the strategy. It's an all-encompassing guide to who you are, what you do, and how you do it.
  7. Fixing problems gets you back to zero, and fails to address the critical need for differentiation-driven growth.
  8. The challenge for any organization is to create a culture of idea-generation - one that respects ideas, has a system in place to grow them, and rewards those who do the creating and growing.
  9. Ideas drive growth - be they original, or be they a synthesis of the old and the new. Either way, the results are valuable.
  10. Ultimately, you will win or lose based on the quality of your ideas and how well they match up to the needs and demands of your target.