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Michelle Beech

360-Degree Marketing Strategist / Station Marketing Consultant

"It's time to broaden the boundaries of our vision. The playing field of news reporting continues to evolve at an astonishing pace. We will thrive by adaptation, analysis, and innovation."

Michelle Beech is a Senior Marketing Strategist and Station Marketing Consultant for AR&D. As the architect of tomorrow's broadcast marketing strategy today, she is responsible for development of new services, business models, training workshops and marketing strategies.




Michelle discovers and designs new avenues to further brand penetration, incorporate the use of social media, and increase the two-way street of information. By evaluating and adopting new technology, she turns the industry's focus from a single-target viewer to an expanding list of demographics and users.




Using a team-based approach, Michelle fuses the most effective practices of traditional journalism with cutting-edge strategies designed to address the current multi-faceted news marketplace. She helps businesses rise to the challenge of incorporating rapidly changing technology into their game plan. She implements training and workshops designed to support staff and management through the process of needs-analysis and change.




Her marketing strategy encompasses engaging established techniques with innovative components. Building and maximizing brands across multiple platforms are a necessity for success. Techniques such as the "social conversation" provide businesses with new ways to reach the diversified television market and strengthen brand loyalty.


"Brand Loyalty transcends time, technology, preference change and even the beloved talent."




Michelle's unique perspective in marketing is shaped by more than 20 years of experience as a promotions producer, marketing director and commercial brand strategist. Her extensive background includes working with CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates in all market sizes.


Multiple research projects and years of experience in the trenches have prepared her for taking on the new challenges TV stations face in today's broadcast environment.


Michelle's entrepreneurial spirit led her to found Elixir Marketing, becoming the president and Chief Alchemist. By blending precision marketing strategies for businesses, incorporating emerging media techniques to further their marketing opportunities, and targeting implementation of social media platforms with evolving technologies she thrived on working to create an individualized recipe for each customer's marketing success.


She now merges her back-to-back marketing experience with her extensive knowledge of news and promotion to develop in-depth, innovative, strategic plans for the clients of AR&D.




Michelle loves to travel, even when it's work. Her appreciation of architecture, food and other cultures takes her to many intriguing places, and makes even stops close to home very interesting. "Travel introduces me to interesting people and allows me to share their stories."


You can reach Michelle Beech at mbeech@ar-d.com.