ken elmore
Ken Elmore
Senior Station Strategist

"Research your opportunities, develop a plan and tenaciously carry out the mission each day."


It's All About the Content

There must be a well planned, analytical approach to moving beyond the norm, or worse, mediocrity. The development of a comprehensive, well-defined brand is critical for local media companies in a world of fragmenting audience and technological innovation. "It is more than stamping a slogan on the product, it is a total station commitment, and it is who you are." Only then can media companies systematically create content with a clear competitive advantage, rich with perspective that engages audience.

It is not a "film at 11" mentality and hasn't been for a long time; we are in an evolving world. Broadcast content, online content, user-generated content, blogs, it is all in play and each is fighting for a place in the media landscape. Our competition is no longer across the street, but across the country or across the planet. Media now has a global footprint and the question is, "How is your company standing out from the clutter?"

It is digging into the core of an operation and identifying opportunities, developing a clear competitive advantage for clients and showcasing the content that get stations noticed.

Logical Innovator

Applying innovation to our content creates additional value for our viewers. Face it, times are tough. The fragmented media landscape pushes our limits every day. Resources are strained and expectations have never been higher. A seasoned journalist who understands and knows how to apply technology is a necessity. Our new mission is to develop fresh online and on-air content, and do it with what we've got. Adoption of technology builds efficiency. "Working smarter, setting priorities and setting clear, measurable goals are the keys to a successful future." It takes a strategist to determine how and to what viewers respond. "We have to be more interactive, and it is more than asking what viewers think in a web poll." Viewers are losing interest in us because we are no longer relevant to them. They changed and the broadcast media didn't. Technological advances have given consumers more control of what they see - and when. It takes someone who knows how to apply the resources available, to develop a blueprint for success.

Real World Experience

The inner workings of a television news operation are sometimes complicated and it takes years of experience to be comfortable in the chaos. Ken has worked as a Reporter, Photographer, Anchor, Producer, Assignment Editor, Executive Producer and News Director in local stations in the Southeast. Ken also has insight from network news operations, working as a Senior Producer in Washington for CBS News.

Ken brings 25 years of local station expertise to Audience Research and Development, giving him great perspective on the inner workings of television stations and online operations. He has spent the last 17 years as a successful News Director, applying AR&D strategies and formulas. "I believe in this company, and its ability to bring new and exciting opportunities to clients, building successes one step at a time."


Ken lives in Tampa, Florida and loves boating and riding bikes on the islands. You can find him in the gym early in the morning, getting in a quick workout and a few miles to get the day started.

You can reach Ken Elmore at or 813.545.5398.