Earle Jones


Senior Strategist and Senior Vice President of Research

“With a 1,000 channel universe and a global social networking frenzy, local news media must shift its focus from Main Street to Madison Avenue if it wants to connect and retain its local consumer base.”

Earle Jones directs the development of strategic research initiatives and oversees research innovation and brand development as Senior Vice President of Research.  For more than 20 years, Earle has studied and listened to news consumers.  He has extensive experience in designing research surveys to pinpoint consumers’ core behavioral and emotional drivers.  The depth of this brand research goes way beyond traditional product features and identifies touchpoints that drive behavior, build brand loyalty, and increase market share and revenue across all media platforms.

“We’re at a very critical time in our industry.  Local news media operations have become so homogenized and undifferentiated it’s no wonder consumers want to try something different,” he says.  Simply doing a “better” newscast is unlikely to produce results.

Nike doesn’t sell athletic apparel; Gatorade doesn’t sell a sports drink; and Harley doesn’t sell motorcycles.  Finding ways to touch the hearts and souls of consumers is what Madison Avenue has done quite brilliantly. 

Identifying these emotional touchpoints will allow you to build a brand message that will transcend any one media platform.


Earle has designed and managed over 300 studies for a variety of clients including CBS Television Stations, RTL Luxembourg, Belo Corporation, Citytv and more than 60 local TV stations and regional cable news channels throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.  His research extends beyond media and has also helped guide banks, restaurant chains, and law firms.

He has appeared before such groups as the Radio Television News Directors Association, the National Association of Broadcasters, and PROMAX.  He’s also an active speaker at several universities in the Dallas area.

Online Survey Pioneer

Earle has considerable expertise in conducting surveys online – a methodology that’s gaining wider acceptance and yielding incredibly rich data.  He is well versed in best practices when it comes to online recruitment, panel management, and avoidance of professional survey takers.  “With Internet penetration approaching 75% nationally, we are reaching demographic and socio-economic classes that had been difficult to find online,” said Jones.  “We can do so many things online that simply aren’t possible with other methodologies.”

Presentation Specialist

Earle is also a specialist at creating user-friendly, interactive graphics presentations, honed from hundreds of presentations, and teaching others the art of graphical representation.  He has a unique ability to turn thousands of research numbers and trends into a strategically focused, interactive presentation for clients.

Education / Personal

Earle holds a degree in Broadcast Management from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.  He and his wife Laurie currently reside in Midlothian, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, along with their two daughters Reagan and Grayson.

Outside of work, Earle enjoys family time, tinkering with computers and electronics and cheering on his mighty, BCS-busting Horned Frog football team.