Winning brands don’t just happen. They happen by design. They happen because of a process requiring:

  • Focus
  • New ways of doing things
  • Consistent execution
  • Infusing your organization with a winning culture
  • Discipline
  • Hard work 

These are the ingredients of powerful strategies. Powerful strategies create powerful brands. Powerful brands create winners.
What We Do

Here are our steps to build a brand through our Panoramic Branding™ process.

Details on the Consulting Process
Even before our research analysts identify opportunities for a winning brand, we conduct a 360-degree audit that includes:

  • Current Brand Touch Point Analysis
  • Competitive Newscast Analysis
  • Ratings Analysis
  • Meter Management Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Program Impact on News Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Editorial Planning Meeting Analysis
  • TSR Analysis
  • Quality Control Systems Analysis

We Create A Brand of Journalism
Our analysis over many markets and years shows there are four big categories and eight types of brands.

tv news brands
  • We identify the brand and ratings drivers through our proprietary research methodologies, which you can learn more about in the Research section of our Web site.
  • We define how differently the station must deliver on the drivers for viewers to notice — a major issue with stations that believe they're delivering on the brand.
  • We reinforce the fact the delivery must be consistent to result in brand meaning. We call it our 3D Brand Model. 
3d brand manager model
When you multiply Drivers X Difference X Delivery, you get Brand Meaning. But what if your product on a given days fails to deliver on the drivers in a big way? Unfortunately, when you multiply by zero, you get zero. You can't tell viewers: "You watched the wrong newscast."

We Innovate
To take the Branding Strategy we developed in Step 2 to the next level, we move the station through a proven innovation process. It includes:
  • Idea Generation
  • Rapid Prototyping for reality check testing with viewers
  • Implementation
We Install the Brand
We put the brand in place at every brand touch point — every place consumers have an opportunity to experience the brand. Installing the brand requires fine tuning old systems or establishing entirely new systems to ensure successful execution. 
We Help the Station Execute
Our strategy for successful execution is based on:

  • Fail-proof systems to facilitate change. Old systems can't address new challenges. We provide the tools, including the Old Way/New Way Lens.
  • Staff development helps your people understand the "how" after you tell them the "what."
  • What Gets Measured, Gets Done. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.
  • Focusing on what matters most. That way the less important but seemingly urgent doesn't get in the way. 
Based on our knowledge of viewers and our collaboration with the management team, we developed the Newscast Scorecard — a key component of our Consulting Tool Chest.
Newscast Scorecard — Example
newscast scorecard
In this example, there are five goals of equal weight or importance.  We customize the number of initiatives and weighting based on specifics of the market.  The evaluation ranges from a 1 for Poor, 2 for Fair, 3 for Good, and 4 for Excellent.

In addition to the scorecard, we provide a competitive newscast video review. We analyze our clients’ newscasts as well as the competitions, including video excerpts which bring the points to life. The analysis includes examining the marketing that sells the newscasts.

We customize the analysis to serve the needs of individual stations, but they usually include sections like Brand Driver Evaluation, Content and Coverage Effectiveness, Presentation, and Anchor Performance. These have proven to be powerful teaching tools.
We then collaborate with the station to decide when to go back to the viewers to get a reality check to see if and where course corrections are necessary.

Audience Research & Development. We build brands that win.