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Budd McEntee

Senior Station Strategist


"In this age of overwhelming informaiton distribution, content is king. In order to grab the attention of today's consumers, we must be a meaningful resource that dials into the issues that affect the daily lives of our audience."



As a Senior Strategist at AR&D, Budd McEntee utilizes his decades proven and award-winning hands-on experience in journalism, news product development, and change management to develop effective, custom solutions that showcase the unique attributes of each local television station.




Local television stations cannot afford to ignore important trends globally as well as in their local markets.  By utilizing all available technologies and exploiting content gaps in a station's market, Budd creates an effective strategic plan to target deficiencies and increase viewership.




Budd understands that part of marketing attention-grabbing content is to allow the audience to share in the ownership of the product.  "Through cutting-edge, multi-screen initiatives and solutions, we can capitalize on niche markets and retain their viewership for the product-at-large."




Budd's ability to lead utilizing motivation, inclusion, and passion during times of substantial change and challenges informs him when he is coaching others to make quick, intelligent decisions.  Budd understands that where and how you deliver your content can be as important as the high-quality product that is delivered.


Experience and Background


For nearly twenty years, Budd successfully developed and directed the largest local broadcast news operation in the Southeastern United States. Budd skillfully steered a course that transformed an already strong top ten CBS affiliate into becoming a robust and competitive FOX affiliate and later to a FOX owned and operated television station.


Budd developed a unique brand for the FOX 5 News product, with strategic focus on original reporting, investigative journalism, and ownership of the big stories. The brand developed consumer loyalty and established the station as one of the market's strongest media outlets. Under his leadership, WAGA-TV/FOX5 produced one of the country's top-rated prime time local newscasts. Budd developed and managed 57 hours of original news broadcasts per week, including the creation and expansion of 5.5 hours of locally produced weekday morning news.


Budd believes that investigative reporting is key to setting a local news product apart from its competition. When done correctly and with ruthless consistency, locally produced investigative reporting provides the ultimate customer benefit.  While some news departments were eliminating investigative teams, Budd expanded the award-winning I-Team at WAGA-TV. Budd has long held that investigative reporting is the hallmark of great broadcast news. His commitment to investigative storytelling was realized when the WAGA-TV/FOX5 I Team was recognized with the Peabody Award for Investigative Journalism.


The recipient of more than a dozen EMMY®'s, Budd and his team received the EMMY® for Best Newscast six times between the years 2000-2010.


Budd was inducted into the NATAS Silver Circle and has served as the President of the Atlanta Press Club. Budd was a founding member of the FOX News Advisory Committee. He was also the driving force behind the creation of CNN's breaking news alert system for affiliates. CNN recognized Budd for his efforts by naming the system after him. The "Budd Box" was created and placed in hundreds of local newsrooms around the country.


Prior to WAGA-TV, Budd worked at WHDH-TV in Boston, WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, Florida, and WKRN-TV in Nashville.  He received his undergraduate degree from Providence College and his Master's from Boston University.


Budd lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Nannette. They have two adult children. Budd loves the beach, the north Georgia Mountains, and is nuts about major league baseball and college football.


You can reach Budd McEntee at bmcentee@ar-d.com or 678.492.5971.