Bob Kaplitz
Senior Station Strategist

"Distinct or extinct. You must live the brand by being noticeably better and different -- or you're out of the game. It's the Final 5% when you consider 95% of what you do is the same as what your competitors do. "


As an AR&D senior strategist, Bob installs brands of journalism and marketing concepts by helping clients live these imperatives:

  • Innovate, not imitate. You must overcome the me-too commodity mentality by developing and marketing new, original ideas that address opportunities in the market. That's because...
  • Your brand isn't what you say it is. It's what they say it is. At many stations, there's a huge gap between what news and marketing claim their brand is and what viewers say. AR&D's proprietary consulting models, which Bob helped develop, bridge that gap.

During his 25 years as an AR&D Strategist, he's helped stations to build their brands in markets ranging from Los Angeles to Atlanta to Sydney, Australia. He's also collaborated with syndicators to develop and market their news and information products. He was a prime architect and change agent in the affiliation switch of CBS stations to Fox - a colossal branding challenge.

Bob's workshops on branding for the National Association of Broadcasters, National Press Photographers Association, the Radio-TV News Directors Association, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and for broadcasters in the U.S. and aboard provided what one general manager calls "an innovative roadmap for successful brand building." Bob's portfolio of inventions includes:

  • Crimetracker Alerts brand stations in a powerful way. It's one of the highest scoring concepts ever tested for stations watching out for their viewers. It's potent marketing that viewers see as pure, relevant content.
  • Anchors as Brand Ambassadors: Anchors live the brand through their attitude and journalistic actions. They become the face of the brand, which builds its value and propels the anchors' images.
  • Strategic Scorecard: A powerful management tool for the news product and marketing that helps stations stay on brand because what gets measured, gets done.
  • Innovation Immersion: Bob pioneered early development of AR&D's Innovation Laboratory in 1983 to help clients with rapid prototyping.

Education and Training

Bob studied at Synectics, a global firm specializing in innovation, and was certified as an innovation trainer. He earned a degree in psychology with a focus on learning and development at the State University of New York, then a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communications.

Bob studied management at the post graduate level through the American Management Association and the Center for Creative Leadership. He's taught broadcast journalism, writing, and news production/photography at the University of North Carolina. He's lectured on marketing and branding to MBA students at the Graduate School of Management at the University of Dallas.

Practical Experience

Bob's two decades of experience in the trenches includes a variety of positions spanning photography to management. Many of his reports ran on the CBS Evening News and CBS Radio. RTNDA has honored Bob as Best TV Investigative Reporter in the U.S. and Canada.

Publications and Other Media

As executive editor for AR&D's Web site, Bob has authored several hundred articles on branding, marketing, and innovation. He's also written numerous articles for trade publications and media reviews for the Dallas Morning News.


Bob and his wife, Carisa, a senior project manager for an interactive marketing agency, enjoy travel as well as the music of Phil Collins who played a delightful and unexpected role in their against all odds marriage.

You can reach Bob Kaplitz at or 214.766.4236.